Visiting Artist

Artists Lawrence and Mary Kinney host a visit  with  artists  from Kenya as part of a program sponsored by the International Institute of Buffalo, of the United States Department of State. 

Lawrence Kinney with visiting artist Antonio Tomas Ana
and writer Patricio Batsikama

The United States Department of State arranged for celebrated artist  Antonio Tomas Ana and writer Patricio Batsikama of Angola, Africa, to visit with artist Lawrence Kinney and artist-writer Mary Ouimette-Kinney, as part of their International Visitor Leadership Program. The visit took place on May 31, 2008 at the Kinney's home studios, as well as at Artpark, Lewiston, N.Y., where Lawrence Kinney recently installed a sculpture.

An interpreter from the State Department aided the  group of artists, as they discussed art as a means of communication in the global community. Antonio Tomas Ana, noted not only for his paintings and sculpture, but for his philosophy of Etonism or tolerant reasoning, has toured the United States multiple times. Patricio Batsikama is a lecturer, curator and writer who has published extensively. He curates Ana's work, while lecturing at the Etona Institute. 

Communication will continue between the artists.  Mr. Ana extended an invitation to the Kinneys to visit them in Africa.

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